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Southern Area Animal Science Field Day 2017

Yesterday was the 4th Annual Southern Area Animal Science Field Day. It was another fun event! This year the classes were:

*Hoof Care for Your 4-H Equine

*Raising Your Scores in Rabbit Showmanship

*Chinchillas 101

*Feeding Horses the "Right Way"

*Poultry Pit Stop

*Ms Cluck Has Something on Her Butt

*Raising Your Scores in Cavy Showmanship

*Selection of the Market Animals Beef and Hogs

*What's Bugging Your Farm

*Meet a Canine Good Citizen and Teach Your Dog to be One Too

*Selections of the Market Animals Sheep and Goats

*Measuring Your Pygmy and Dairy Goat for Production and Longevity

We had a few families from our club attend. The kids learned a lot. And this year was very hands on. In the Equine Feeding Class, the kids got to feed treats to the Horses. They also got to look and smell all the different kinds of horse supplements and hay. They got to be part of the crowd for the Canine good citizen. The person teaching that class also offered to test our Dog project kids and dogs to get certified as Canine Good Citizen. Ms. Cluck's class allowed to kids to hold the chickens.

There were great sponsors and donations for the silent auction and raffle. In fact all the kids got to be picked 4 items in the raffle because so much was donated. From buckets to animal feed and toys, to cowboy hats and fidget spinners.

All in all it was a great day.

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