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Food Fiesta

Just posting few reminders and tips about food fiesta.

First reminder is that the entries are due Thursday! That's 2 days away. You can find the entry forms on our website under the forms and manuals tab.

Second, you can turn in late/same day entries with a $10 fee. This is only allowed for Categories 2, 3, and 4. There will be no exceptions as the taste tests, cupcake wars, and chopped will have the supplies ready for when you get there. And category 1 has table settings so they need to know the amount of space to reserve for that.

Next, you need to submit your recipes with the entries. You also need to bring some copies to share with the people there. If you are doing a table setting, please remember to bring your menu and all of your equipment, plus the food.

Another big reminder is that there are no premade ingredients or boxed meals. This is includes canned chili con carne, hamburger helper, skillet meals, etc. You can use canned veggies, sauces, and seasonings. You also can't use a bread machine for the bread category.

Finally, there are no ovens, stoves, or refrigerators available for use. So please consider that when choosing a recipe.

And here are a few tips:

* Please supply a tasting sample for decorated cakes, and all other entries.

* You can make the decorations for the cupcake wars ahead of time. Remember that they need to be completely edible.

* The decorated cookie jar is not to have the ingredients in it, but actual cookies. Please reserve some cookies for tasting outside of the cookie jar.

* The things you make will be tasted by everyone. So don't forget bowls/plates/flatware as well as any optional garnishes.

* Crockpot recipes work well for keeping warm.

* Any container or dish on the table will be judged.

Hope to see you all at food fiesta. This is a fun day and it's full of activities.

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