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Record Books

It's that time of year again. Record books are getting started hopefully.

Tomorrow the record book leaders will be having a record book event at the city library. We will meet in the north west corners where the desks and study rooms are. The meeting will be from 10 am to noon. This is a member only event. We want to allow those who want to turn in a record book enough time to complete all the forms.

During the meeting will be working on:

*4-H story

*Personal development report

*Jr/teen leader reports

*Annual project reports

*Proper arrangements

If you plan on coming, please bring a laptop or tablet and money to print out your book if you want to print it out there. If you are printing out your book there, please bring 1-2 sets of dividers. You will need a divider for each section of the book plus each project. The more projects you are in the more dividers. If you are in one project, you will need 6 dividers. 7 if you are a senior member. You will need extra beyond that for any projects besides your first project. Also, there is an optional part of each section that includes photos. We will be discussing it, but not working on it.

If you have any questions, please email or text either record book leader.

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