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Ways to Get Involved

As we end the 2017-2018 year, some people have asked how to get involved more. So here are a few ways you can help.

First way is the easiest. Let's help the kids by letting them do their jobs. When parents interrupt the meeting with questions and ideas, it takes longer to run a meeting and gets the kids off track. If parents have questions or ideas, please talk to a leader in the back of the room before or after a meeting. Also be on time to meetings. If your child is an officer, make sure that they are at the meetings and on time.

Next is to volunteer to help at events. Each year, clubs are supposed to host a county event. This means that the club finds place, decides on a theme, sets up, cleans up, decides about food, etc. All that takes time and people to run. Other clubs bring help. But the more parents there to help in the behind the scenes, the less work for everyone.

Another way is to volunteer to help in the behind the scenes. Some clubs have websites and social media pages that need ran and kept up to date. There are forms and books and calendars that need to be kept. If you are good at organization, help the leaders with the forms. And if you are a good tech person, help run a social media site or website.

Finally, you can become a project leader. To do this, you'll have to get finger printed and dedicate at least 6 hours of learning time with the kids. If they are interested in a project that your club doesn't offer, become a leader. Here is the link to the list of California 4-H projects.


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