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2018-2019 Registration

Online registration is now up and running for the 2018-2019 year. So here are some tips to help you register.

First you need to go here.

If you are a new member, create a profile and password. You only need ONE profile for your whole family.

Next you will register each family member that wants to join. You are going to go through 4 steps.

First one is basic information. Name, address, age, school, etc.

Step 2 is authorization for the online record book release, liability, photo use/release, 4-H code of conduct, etc.

Step 3 is medical information for vaccines, allergies, and other illnesses or conditions.

Step 4 is participation. Here you will find Hesperia Highlighters and then pick your projects. If you don't know, pick at least one. You can pick how ever many in case you want to try them. This will ensure that if you do complete any project, you can record it on the online record book system.

Then submit. Your registration will be pending till we receive payment, submit the payment to the county office, and they have cleared everything. This will take a while as most clubs don't start up fully till September. You can pay online, which you can find the link on the FAQ page. Otherwise, you can pay at our Community meetings with either cash or check.

Now, if you are a returning member, just sign in. Most of the information is already entered. You just need to check the I agree boxes for photo releases, medical authorizations, and such. Then select which projects you are going to do this year. If you don't plan on adding projects, then just click submit. They are already updated from last year. You can pay at the community meeting like normal. Or you can pay online. DO NOT PAY ONLINE if you worked in the food booth and opted for the membership payment. You will be charged the full $55 instead of the $5.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at hesperiahighlighters4h@gmail.com


Hesperia, CA, USA

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