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Meetings for the Week

Meetings for the week.

Wednesday: Officer/Leader meeting at 6:00pm on Zoom.

Friday: Arts/Crafts with Cloverbuds, this will be at home. I will list the project on our sites and people can post pictures in the band app or on Facebook. We will be making Mason Bee homes. I know elementary kids in Hesperia are supposed to get Chromebooks for distance learning. So you can do this as you have time on Friday.

Announcement: We can still have online meetings. Each project needs at least 6 hours of meeting times. Get creative. Most small animals can do showmanship, grooming, feed zoom meetings. To keep meetings free, Zoom will only allow 40 minute meetings. So if you don't have enough hours, you may have to break them up to get the 6 hours. Arts and craft, photography, sign language, etc can have online meetings either on zoom or facebook live or on the band app. Let's keep the projects able to be offered for those kids that want to do record books.


Hesperia, CA, USA

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